Market Menu

Fried fish

Marinated fresh water sardines, black olive tapenade, side salad


Avo toast

Seared prawn, sour dough, Greek yogurt, avocado mousse


Spanish omelette

Saffron aioli, bacalao, pan con tamate


Breakfast udon

Lotus root fritter, fig jam, smoked duck, cilantro


Duck and waffles

Corn bread, cashew butter, creamed spinach, orange-maple gastrique


Red eye gravy

Braised short rib, smoked beef bacon, roesti, caramelized onions


Pork and beans

En croute, baked beans, braised pork, poached egg


Peach cobbler

Crumble, manchego, crème anglaise


Cup of joe

Coffee pot de crème, walnut tart


2-course Php 880*
3-course Php 1,080*
4-course Php 1,280*

All prices are subject to 10% gratuity