Enderun Restaurant 101 Cooking Up Fresh starts with a new Market Menu


26 Jan Enderun Restaurant 101 Cooking Up Fresh starts with a new Market Menu

Hefty Foodie | January 26, 2015

New year, new market menu crafted by some of the school’s alumni. Went to dinner at Enderun’s Restaurant 101 to sample the new dishes, I’ve always wanted to check this place, an application restaurant of the school’s culinary program. We had a five-course dinner and was quite impressed with the food – the plating / presentation, the combination of flavors, and texture – good.


SCOTCH QUAIL EGG – bacon crust, glazed asparagus, smoked cream, truffle dressing

Started with something very simple a scotch egg that’s quite small but is packed with big flavors. The crust is delightfully crisp on the outside and a bit softer as you bite into it – a tinge of smoky and savory flavor from the bacon in the crust then you hit the quail eggs and into your mouth for that creamy goodness mixed in with all those flavors. Really like the cream and truffle dressing with the egg.


PAN-FRIED GOOSE LIVER – mesclun greens, cranberry dressing

It’s no secret that I’m not really a fan of salads but adding beautiful pieces of pan-fried foie gras would do the trick. I just love those pieces of melt-in-your-mouth, fatty meat bits, flavor that’s intense and is balanced by that refreshing dressing.


CREAM OF WHITE BEAN SOUP – prawn and chorizo galette


I’m not really a fan of beans but the flavor combination on this one is very nice. A galette that’s a combination of prawn and chorizo giving great flavors and then bathed with this creamy soup that has a nice mouth-feel to it. Didn’t finish the whole beans since I’m not really a fan but the creamy soup with the savory goodness from the galette is good.


BEETROOT MARINATED SALMON – pickled cucumbers, horseradish mashed potatoes, “chicharon” of salmon skin


Favorite dish of the night! Not that I’m partial to salmon and all its fatty, flaky goodness but this one’s really good! The fillet of salmon cooked perfectly my fork just glides against the pieces of fish and the flavor of the beetroot is not too strong, just enough and provide a nice hint of refreshing flavor to go with the natural flavor of the fish but really the star of the dish is that really crispy salmon skin cooked perfectly and seasoned really well like chicharon! It’s a real treat and it left me wanting for more.


OVEN ROASTED MAGRET OF DUCK – apple hazelnut chutney, cleriac puree, port reduction

Simple is usually more, this goes with food also – pieces of perfectly cooked duck breast with a gorgeous sear on the outside yielding that meat that’s ever so succulent and flavorful a nice port reduction to enhance the flavor of the meat and that apple and hazelnut chutney to give it another layer of flavor and texture and that nice bit of sweetness running through the background.



Really a sweet ending to a good dinner is this mousse of white and dark chocolate layers both creamy and had this wonderful velvety texture with slivers of chocolate running through each layer and a base of chocolate cake. It’s a dessert that showcase a variety of chocolate flavors and texture. And that butter-mint ice cream! Something light and refreshing to take it a notch further. Really, really good!

I’m not sure if this is a one time thing but this new market menu was priced at P1,480 per person which I think is a good deal considering it’s a five-course menu already. Was quite impressed with the food that they served and I’m very excited since a friend will do their wedding reception at this restaurant later this year and I’m excited of the treats that will come out of that kitchen.

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