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26 Jan Restaurant 101 by Enderun Colleges

Sugar & Spice | January 26, 2015

Since it opened, I’ve always been intrigued dining at Restaurant 101. I mean students whipping up the meals? Hmmmnnn. Also, because it exuded a “fine dining” air, Kap & I never got around to actually going there. You know how our insatiable appetites are. Oink. We are more the “buffet” than “sit down” type. So we never really got to consider dining at this particular resto. Although I must admit, I was quite curious because for a period, my Lovey harboured on being a Chef someday (I must tell you though, her dreams & aspirations have changed since then, lels) so I’ve always wanted a tour of Enderun & its facilities. I just didn’t know how to go about it.

How fortunate I was when the very charming ISABELLE TUASON, Marketing Associate of Restaurant 101, sent me an invite for a cooking demo & dinner by the graduating class. Wow.. cooking demo, I wasn’t very up to it, really. You know I don’t cook -and have no interest in learning haha. But EATING, more particularly, DINNER. Now I’m all for that. So I gave her a resounding YES PLEASE! I’m IN!


With the lovely Isabelle. <3 Thank you for having us! :-*

Last Wednesday, Kap & I came at around dinner time thinking we’d skip the live cooking demo scheduled in the afternoon. But when we got there, the demo was still in full force. It was meant to be, that I sit in! 😛


I love the old school feel of Enderun Colleges.

101 is the application restaurant of Enderun Colleges, which is home to Southeast Asia’s leading undergraduate culinary arts program. 101’s seasonal menus are conceived by Enderun’s world-renowned culinary faculty to showcase the techniques of traditional French cuisine, the bold flavors of the Asian market and a commitment to innovating with fresh, sustainable local ingredients. The restaurant’s stylish interiors evoke the casual elegance of a contemporary Parisian bistro, while the student wait staff, working under the watchful eyes of the College’s food and beverage faculty, brings freshness and unique charm to the 101 experience.

The restaurant, which offers monthly wine tasting dinners and affordable daily lunch specials, can also accommodate private parties and large-scale banquets, in two salon prives and a magnificent, high-ceilinged 240 square meter atrium. The chic Bar d’Etoiles, adjacent to the restaurant, serves some of Manila’s finest cocktails under a stunning canopy of glass and starlight.

Restaurant 101 at Enderun Colleges is open from Monday to Saturday; from 11:30am to 2pm for lunch, and from 6 to 10pm for dinner.


Watched Swiss Chef Thomas Wenger, Managing Director of Restaurant 101, in action!


Beetroot. One of the ingredients used in the Salmon dish.


I was apprehensive at first whether or not to accept the invite. But since they also invited Kap along I was assured of knowing at least 1 person in the room haha. It was great to see Ray & Lovelynne of EN ROUTE, and Gerry of DUDE FOR FOOD in the room. I felt right at home once I saw them. <3


Classroom setting. BAGAY si Kap! 😉


As in SOBRANG BAGAY! In fact, he already has a ready-made name tag hahaha! ;))


It’s been a while since I sat in on anything! 😛 My classmates, classy ladies NICOLE ORTEGA & of course my idol, RICA DE JESUS of

And to my amazement, I actually enjoyed it. Of course I didn’t learn anything. But it was fun pretending I can follow. 😉 It was also an inspiration to be seated beside Rica de Jesus & Nicole Ortega, bloggers extraordinaire. So I behaved & pretended to ooh and ahh during the demo.

Alas! Dinner time came & we were finally led to the posh-looking restaurant. Because I’m such a busybody, I asked for the menu so I can take into consideration the price points & report back to you, my dear readers! 😉 As you can see, it’s quite affordable. 3 courses at around 1k/person. Not bad, really.


Save the image so you can zoom in. :) Or better yet, just CLICK HERE for the complete menu. :)

Here’s what we had…

Restaurant 101, Enderun Colleges

1100 Campus Avenue, McKinley Hill, Taguig (02) 856-5000 loc. 101


Our dinner menu: Scotch Egg – Pan fried Goose Liver – Cream of White Bean Soup – Beetroot Marinated Salmon – Oven roasted Magret of Duck – Layered white & dark Chocolate Mousse


Scotch (quail) Egg covered in bacon crumbs on a bed of asparagus.


Pan fried Goose Liver. I enjoyed this immensely. The goose liver was cooked to perfection.


Cream of White Bean Soup. The presentation was divine. You must take your date here to impress! ;)) You can find the recipe of this dish below.


Beetroot Marinated Salmon. The beetroot adds a dash of color to this lovely salmon. You can find the recipe of this dish below. :)


The salmon was perfectly paired with this crisp white wine. <3


Oven roasted Magret of Duck. Being a carnivore, this was the winner for me that night. <3


Dry red wine paired with the duck. We were definitely spoiled that night. 😉


I’m happy Kap & I got assigned to a table with people we knew so there was a steady stream of lively chat around the dinner table. How awkward if we sat next to people we didn’t know right? Which is why I don’t really attend non-KTG events much unless Kap is also invited along.


But the REAL star for me was this Layered white & dark Chocolate Mousse.


Thank you so much ladies & gentlemen for a wonderful dinner! Your efforts & culinary expertise are very much appreciated! *slow clap. I can honestly say that my apprehension of students whipping up & handling my meal has been laid to rest. BRAVO!

And! Because I love you guys so darn much, I am posting here the recipe & instruction of 3 of the dishes served to us. I hope you can copy it, especially the dessert as it is AMAZING! Nothing beats cooking for your girl on special occasions with a bouquet of roses & a box of chocolates on hand, if you know what I mean.. *wink wink. 😉 #hopelessromantic

A special shout out to my young friend, PATRICIA BAES. Here are the recipes, Sweetie! I’m sure you can whip up something wonderful for your parents. <3




By the way, Restaurant 101 has a Valentine promo in case you’re interested..
February 13 (Friday). Restaurant 101 set menu, a la carte available | Atrium – buffet dinner at php 980


February 14 (Saturday). Restaurant 101 – set menu only


February 15 (Sunday). Restaurant 101 family brunch 11am -2pm


*For the set menus, a glass of Elderberry Kir is included on top of the menu offerings.